One of the biggest advantages of creating a targeted Squidoo lens is that it’s way more easier to rank it in the major search engines since it’s an authority site. The balance of this article is all about search engine optimization for your lens, and it will no doubt help you. Find out how to check backlinks for your lens, and you can definitely verify that these website SEO tips work well.

Along with your headline, whichever keyword phrase that you hope to rank highly for must be mentioned in your intro paragraph, which will be the first, plus make sure you bold that particular phrase. We will explain, for the benefit of those who are new, why this must be performed. There are a number of techniques you need to perform to help your Squidoo lens to rank highly, and this is merely one of them. The search engine bots will have an easier time figuring out the meaning or topic of your article. Another consideration is the short bit of text that displays in the SERPS will have more appeal to the person who surfed it up. You will have to look at the other listings on the page you are on to see if they are doing the same thing, but this has to be done anyway. At some point marketing and promotion will be necessary for your Squidoo lens. Hopefully you know how powerful the top social sites are such as Facebook and others like Reddit or Twitter. This is important not only for helping your rankings, but you can stand to get pretty decent traffic to your lens. This just goes to show that social media really matters in the eyes of the search engines and associating yourself with it will help you get your lens ranked higher than the others. If you have a great lens, then having all the social media devices in place will encourage people to tweet and tell their friends about your Squidoo lens.

What Google and Bing are always trying to do is serve more relevant results, and so they are looking at much more in the content. In the old days of search engine optimization, you could stuff your content with the same keyword over and over again and reach the top position on Google. But do not let that bother you because you can still learn how to get results with website SEO. Nowadays the LSI technology or Lateral Semantic Analysis is used to find what the content is about by analyzing the various keywords used. You can do both jobs of writing excellent content that is SEO’d but not written for the search engines. Just write for your audience and that will serve you well. As we have said, backlinking is a must as is optimizing your content for your keywords.

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