Not too long ago we all over-heard that the world of online marketing is due to pass by a very important milestone. A report revealed by eMarketer indicated that the marketing sector is supposed to spend more money on Internet advertising than on ads for print magazines or newspapers. This will be the very first time ever that this milestone has been surpassed and merely goes to show how critical an Internet presence needs to be for each and every business owner. In line with the stats, Internet advertising is supposed to produce sales of $39.5 billion in the United States in 2012, a meteoric increase of more than 23% in just a calendar year. In contrast, cash spent on advertising through the print medium is scheduled to decrease to $33.8 billion.

Really, just think back for ten years if you can. Would you have dreamed that we would make it to the spot that we have reached at this time? The Internet was only in its infancy then and it was inconceivable that the power of newspapers and periodicals would start a gradual but inexorable downfall.

How are you planning to ensure your message is noticed in this crazy and “ultra-competitive” environment? This is a significant question for anybody while they think about what website SEO services they will likely put in place this coming year. Will you concentrate on trying to attain an organic ranking, which means that your pages are delivered to those trying to find relevant information? Will you concentrate on pay per click, so you buy each individual visitor for your website? Each has its very own advantages and disadvantages and many organisations try to engage a combination of both. It’s more vital than ever that when you are looking at Los Angeles SEO experts who truly know what they’re dealing with must be consulted in order to help you decide.


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