Is Do It Yourself SEO viable from the Small Business perspective? As an SEO consultant I come across a wide range of small business and often hear the business owner wondering if they can do it themselves.

Unfortunately, this question has no answer. The success will depend on factors like the niche you choose, which then gives you of the competition status in that particular business sector. Let’s face it, no one will bring more passion and desire to DIY SEO than the small business owner who literally sweats and bleeds to keep their company going. Unfortunately, the monthly cost for SEO services and tools can reach up to $3000, which is too expensive for small business owners.

Committing themselves is the first step that small business owners must attain in case they decide to do SEO on their own. Search engine optimization takes time to show results, so the small business must remain patient through several months of seemingly no return on substantial effort.

To figure out your approach you will have to determine the market you want to target be this be local or national. If you’re a doctor, dentist, lawyer, retail store you probably want to concentrate your efforts on local SEO efforts. This means you’ll want to concentrate a lot of your efforts on Google Places and Facebook Places and being listed by location in Yahoo and Bing. First, you want to be listed in these local directories and then fill these listings with pictures, videos, and product or service reviews.

You may have to put more effort writing articles if you think that your market is the national market like if you run an online store or a retail chain. The content if your website, blogs, Facebook and twitter pages have to be updated all the time and the same goes for the articles and press releases that you need for syndication. There is also a dire need for you to master the skills of building and obtaining links for your website from other websites. This is where most small businesses fail in their search engine optimization efforts, usually not because of effort, but because of lack of understanding the best methods to acquire links.

Link building techniques are constantly varying and can be very complex. Here are some suggestions for small business owners: look for blogs and forums with related contents to your business and leave comments but before you leave a link you must sure that the blog or comment allows you to do this. Another great place to leave comments that can contain backlinks to your website is Yahoo! Answers.

DIY SEO or hire the pros? Only you can make that determination; hopefully the preceding information can help you make the right choice for your small business.

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