Several decades ago, the average person’s knowledge of marketing wavered between nothing and almost nothing.Today however, we often bandy about the idea in conversation. We all like to feel we can do marketing.

This is because marketing has, in a very crucial sense, taken over business. The marketing strategy underpins just about every other business function, through design and research, through to production and sales.

Understanding the process is necessary throughout the entire organisation.if you wish to advance your career, or build your business or your consultancy, there is little choice but to become acquainted with the key concepts and principles of marketing, such is its role in the development and implementation of business strategy.

What factors influence the decision to purchase? How are marketing opportunities identified? Who and where is the target market? How is research put together and fed into decision-making? Who or what is the target market? How will data be gathered and used? What are the exact meanings of technical terms such as product life cycle, marketing mix and forms of utility?What factors inform a marketing strategy? How is a marketing plan implemented? All middle and upper levels of management need to understand the language of marketing because the process of creating a compelling marketing message – and hence a sale – is the end point to which they are all working. All business at some level relies on marketing.

If you can’t answer these questions, your contribution in meetings and core strategic discussions will be at best limited and at worst embarrassing. Ultimately there is no substitute for systematic study informed by expert guidance and this is why many make the decision to enrol upon a dedicated marketing management course. An quality accredited qualification in marketing says two things about you: I know what I’m talking about, and I am committed to acquiring new skills and improving myself.

Besides your feelings of inadequacy of course, there is another, very large, issue that is beckoning you to boost your marketing knowledge: the Internet. The new marketing channels that have been created and the new incarnations of marketing needed have created a vast new field of opportunity but also a bewildering new landscape in which there is an alarming potential to become stranded. The playing field has not merely tilted, it has flipped, and only a fool thinks he knows it all these days when it comes to marketing.

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