A lot of bloggers and SEOs rely on social bookmarks as part of their overall promotion or link building strategy. Despite the fact the bookmarks are better served for sending traffic, their links still help search rankings. If they send any targeted traffic to your site at all sort of depends on what you are linking to and a little bit of luck as well.

Regardless, there is one thing that many people assume that simply is not true. You do not need to use automation software for your bookmarking SEO. In fact, social bookmarking without software can often times net much better returns. Here’s why

Reason for Bookmarking Manually #1 – No Mistakes

When you use automation software for bookmarking or any SEO submissions for that matter, you always run the risk of failed submission and other errors. The truth is that you don’t see the submission process and you never see the links that you have built. This leaves you in the dark as to exactly what is going on.

Instead, if you submit manually, you are right in the action and you can see the submission actually taking place. This helps you gain confidence that your submissions are taking place which makes it easier to sort out which sites are and are not giving you the best return for your time.

Reason for Bookmarking Manually #2 – Better Profiles

Whenever you use submission software, you are going to end up submitting for a large variety of sites and an even larger variety of bookmarking accounts. While this is great for mass submission and anonymity, it’s not so great for building a profile on the site. If you consistently share great content, you can actually build trust and a following as a user. This is something that would never happen if you did not do your social bookmarking by hand. Visit Los Angeles SEO services for more information on social bookmarking.

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