There’s great competition among the websites to get to the top of the search engines. In their effort, they take up all of the accessible techniques to get a good rank. Whenever you hire a seo service or a search engine optimization professional, he may provide you with tempting and too good to be true promises. He may boast to take you to the top of all of the search engines in a particular time period. But you need to see if the path to achievement is correct. If it’s incorrect, then you need to be probably spamming. This may make the search engines penalize or black list your website.

The key phrases and the one way links are these which talk about your website and its content. It is the word that target audience utilizes to find your website in search engines. If you repeat the keywords and key phrases a number of times and place them into meta tags, you’ll get higher rank than anybody else for sure. But keyword stuffing is a method which Google does not like. Even when the key phrases are placed in the same color as the background color of the website and held invisible, the search engines could discover them and read them. Also if you incorporate irrelevant key phrases simply for the sake of rankings, you’ll get into difficulty.

Many people hide their key phrases by putting them behind pictures or putting them in the same color of the background. Here the visitors cannot see them and so they don’t discover anything odd in the website. But the search engines could read them and will rank them. If discovered, your website might be banned for ever. In the past, meta tags had been the handy indicators that announced search engines what your website is all about. The meta tags are visible only to the internet search engine spiders and not to the common audience. But as the webmasters began stuffing the meta tags with key phrases, to increase their search rankings, the search engines have modified their algorithms and meta tags are losing their value slowly. Therefore if someone tells you that meta keyword tags will take your website up in the google listing pages, they might be a fool or might be trying to make a fool of you.

Don’t have identical websites with identical contents. If you have identical home pages with identical title tags and content, you may lose the website ranking. The Google will only flag your website as duplicate one and would penalize you and would stop listing the website in search engine results. So if anybody shows you incorrect road to achievement in seo link building, steer clear of them and always verify if what you are doing is correct and honest.

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