Inside the traditional world of business, looking back through the generations, exactly how significant was your organisation’s good reputation inside the eyes of your respective competition? Was it really important, for example, that one of your most significant competitors further along the high street thought highly of your reputation and the way you did business? To tell the truth, in the past we may not have been too concerned about what all those businesses might have thought about this and more worried about how our existing customers and the public as a whole identified us. Reputation is needless to say important, but we might not have been so worried about our competitors in this way.

Today, on the Internet, the situation is rather different. At this moment, you do need to be thinking about what your competitors think about you, although from a more subtle standpoint. The truth is, any SEO consultant whom you talk with about Internet marketing will tell you that link building services certainly are a vital component part. Quite simply, you have to put a lot of hard work into making sure you get links to your website from various other website properties online, that have a good reputation themselves. It is perceived by the search engines that when a respectable site provides a link to yours, that they’re giving you a vote of confidence as in any other case, they wouldn’t promote your site this way. As a result, since relevance is also very important, if you do not have any links from websites that are seen to be well-respected in your niche, you could lose important points within the ranking wars.

This is fascinating in many respects and is certainly a different way of taking a look at competition when running a business. Nobody is suggesting that you need to get direct commercial links from those who should be competing to take business from you, but you do need to get links from sites that are well-known in your niche, so that you can move forward.

Ask a Los Angeles SEO consultant how you can accomplish this.

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