For a photographer running their own business, there’s always the necessity of fresh leads and paying clients. While there are various methods for generating those leads, there are few that have the instant impact of pay per click campaigns. In this article we’ll go through the two largest paid advertising platforms – Facebook Ads and Google Adwords.

Most small businesses know of Google Adwords by now and might have already run advertisements for their business. The basic technique is that you choose your primary search term such as Calgary photographers, and then you expand out to produce a number of related keywords. You then write ads for all of your keywords and set in place your desired bids which define the highest amount of money you are willing to spend any time someone clicks on your ad.

Facebook ads on the other hand work a little differently. Instead of bidding on specific keywords, you market to people based on demographic info. You see Facebook gathers a great deal of info about it’s users, and they let you take advantage of this data to show your advertisements to individuals based on a range of factors such as their age, gender, location as well as interests.

So which one is better? Well there’s no true answer to that since they’re very different to each other and both of them can create good results. Facebook can be somewhat tougher when it comes to narrowing down your ideal audience, but once you get the targeting right, you can normally get cheaper clicks and you also have a chance to immediately turn that click into a fan of the Facebook page which means you can market to them again and again in the future.

Google Adwords will usually provide better quality traffic. When a person clicks on your ad they’re actively looking for the services you provide and so are more likely to get in touch with you. But if levels of competition are tough in your area then ad clicks can be high and if you don’t have your sales process well organized it’s easy to go through your spending budget quickly.

Both ad platforms have a great deal to offer a photographer seeking more clients, so ideally you’d give both options a try and see which one you opt for. Before running ads on either platform take time to study a few basic strategies so you do not squander your money running a marketing campaign which is doomed to fail from the start. And remember that the more resources for leads you have the more secure your business is going to be, so placing ads on both platforms simultaneously is also a good option.

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