One technique or the other, in terms of search engine marketing everything amounts to content creation. Regardless of what you need to do to draw in visitors to your site, you ‘must’ have good quality written content so that you can present something for them to nibble on. Certainly, you are extremely unlikely to be able to rank actively for your selected keywords and phrases unless you do offer good quality written content. Opinions fluctuate within the realm of search engine optimisation regarding just how crucial it really is to put your selected keywords, inside a certain ratio, within the body of the written content on a certain page. Nonetheless, it definitely does appear like the major search engines are using website visitor behaviour to help them calculate their formulas.

In a nutshell, if it seems that website visitors to your page are truly not hanging out and studying the copy, the major search engines claim that the quality of the actual written content and what they locate is simply not good enough. This really is extremely likely to have an effect on your positioning and once again underlines exactly how crucial it is to ensure that your submissions are well-written, pertinent and best suited to any enticed website visitors.

Now in terms of written content you might want to take a look at a few choices. Whenever we work with the words “content creation” many individuals take into consideration article writing and this definitely does signify the lion’s share of the product that we will discover on the web. Nonetheless, if you utilise some spice to your initiatives you should look at leveraging rich media as well. These will include videos, always a popular choice for website marketing, visuals, images, excel spreadsheets, presentations – all made to enhance your ranking.

It’s no surprise that YouTube is one of the most highly trafficked websites and is on a par with Google in terms of actual searches. Do not forget also that one from any five searches online is a picture search. It’s not necessary to be a Hollywood movie director to generate a video that will help you enrich your believability and boost your rankings. The greatest videos are just created, slideshows of images, with sound overlaid. Basic computer software tools such as Camtasia can guide you to create these in almost no time at all and you’ll be on your way.

Many organisations take advantage of certain SEO services that will distribute videos in a very similar way as the previous article syndication companies might distribute your articles to all those directories. Whilst it might not be as much the truth any more, videos do tend to position rather noticeably in terms of keyword searches, but once again so long as you optimise your online video positions with all the proper tags.

You may use videos and all the other rich media assets to help you create blog posts and data which quite a few term as as “link bait.” By simply producing top ten listings of “this” and side by side comparisons of “that” you will draw in a great deal of interest from people that are constantly searching for purely informative and feature-rich product.

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