When designing any web page the designer needs to decide about the elements to be included and its incorporation into the overall layout of the website. One of the main constituent elements in the “Introduction” Page is the text. All the information that is presented in words is the textual content of the web page. In case of “Introduction” Page the textual content should consist of a gorgeous title and a paragraph with the detailed information.

Before you can begin sending out your enewsletter, however, you will need to put together a list of subscribers. The best way to do this is by posting a call to action on your website, so get your web design company on the case. The most important thing to understand about calls to action is that you don’t need to ask for too much information – you’re only trying to send them an email, after all. In this case, all you really need is the customer or client’s email address. At most, you can ask for their name, too.

Somewhere on your home page, you should get your web design company to add a subscribe section. Make sure that the call to action is clear – say something along the lines of “Want to hear about our specials before everyone else? Sign up to our enewsletter to get information as it happens!” followed by a field for the subscriber to add their email address and, perhaps, their name.

Once you have got some subscribers, it’s time to get your web design company to put your first enewsletter together. Some people like to make their enewsletters feel like a website, complete with links at the top to take users to the real website. Another approach that you could take is to make your enewsletter look more like a magazine page. The colour and images will be easily scanned by your subscribers and is highly effective in grabbing their attention. For a more personal touch, put a photograph of the writer at the top of each email.

For those publishing a website for commercial reasons, hiring the services of the web design professionals could prove to be even more critical. With commercial websites, the design has to be able to effectively present the product or service the website is promoting. If not then the ability to facilitate sales will be undermined. Also, any purchases made through the site have to be facilitated as quickly and as easily as possible. This means the design of the site should be able to easily direct visitors to the checkout function without any troubles.

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