Are you just getting started learning about search engine optimization or SEO as more widely known? One of the basic and also the most important things that you should learn are the different link building tips to help make your website rank.

Links are essential in any SEO campaign. In case you don’t know yet, Google and the other major search engines still regard links as the main factor in gauging the authority of a certain website. Currently, there are other factors that you are asked to ponder on when getting links such as the authority of the website who is passing the link juice to your site and the link neighborhood if possible, but that’s a more advanced topic that you can easily learn soon.

Now, here are some of the link building tips that you may want to follow for an effective SEO strategy soon.

Do not be in a hurry to build links for a newly created website. This is important for any link building strategy. The search engines would suspect that you are trying to game the search results because it is not natural for a new website to get a lot of links within just a short period of time. So keep it steady and do not rush it.

Use your anchor text wisely. The anchor text is the most important part of a link because that is one way for the search engines to know what that link is all about and the same thing with identifying your website. So if your major keyword, for example, is ‘dog training’, then your anchor text should contain that keyword.

Aside fom using the anchor texts well, make sure that you are doing some variations to it. This is just where your keyword research will come in handy. You can use a number of keywords to replace your main keywords in the anchor text of the links that you will be getting. This is important because nothing can best send a true warning signal to Google than having all of the backlinks of a website using the same anchor text and pointing to your site right away.

You should also vary the sources of your links, as what was mentioned in seo training dvds. Do not just get links from blogs, but also from forums, social bookmarking sites, directories, and many more. Variety is important because it gives the appearance that the links are naturally acquired as opposed to being manually created.

Do you want one good link building tip? Consider doing some article marketing campaign. What you need to do is to write a number of articles. Each article will have a resource box where you can place at least two links, make sure both are pointing back to your website. Then submit your articles to the top article directories for syndication. What this means is your articles will be picked up by other website owners and publish them on their own sites. That would be additional backlinks for you.

These are just some of the basic link building tips and seo techniques that you should study, especially if you are just starting to build your own blog or website. Again, do not be in a rush in building your links especially if your website is just running for a month or two. Just do the link building process as natural as you can, eventually so you won’t be penalized by the search engines in the process.

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