A lot of businesses overlook email marketing, which is unfortunate. Targeted Email Marketing is slightly different to several other forms of advertising, as it allows even the smallest of firms to make a significant impact on their market irrelevant of the resources that they have available.

Email Marketing can come in many different forms, it can be in the form of a sales mail, or even a system mail, however, the format of the mail is irrelevant, email marketing is about delivering a quality service to your customers. It is an investment – a give and take relationship – and as such, your long-term objective is to build a quality, targeted, responsive list with whom you have a great relationship.

An marketing via email campaign can present so many opportunities that other offline methods can’t.

It literally takes a mere matter of seconds for your iconic email to reach its targeted recipients, this being only one of the major benefits of email marketing as a communication tool. From the moment you click “send”, your mailing will be sitting in your prospective customer’s inboxes waiting to be opened.

Don’t be a sheep and fill your email with meaningless words and content. There is so much you can do with emails, that can be utilized to the benefit of your business. With the implementation of hyperlinks, you can direct the reader of the email straight to your site, thus forming a completely unique and dynamic user experience. This in turn can give your email campaign an element of uniqueness to your potential market.

Email marketing is not geographical. It allows you to reach anybody anywhere. Even businesses with the most minimal amount of resources can reach the global market from their desk and at no additional cost whatsoever! With email marketing the possibilities are endless!

Emails aren’t limited to a single destination, recipients can forward your emails to their friends if they feel your email has relevance to their needs, or they could even be shared on social network sites! This automatically increases your reach and provides your email with more virality.

Email gives your customers the chance to communicate with you with very little effort, providing you with valuable information on what your business is doing well and what it could do better. Thus presenting you with the opportunity to analyze feedback and progress.

Ultimately, targeted email marketing campaigns are naturally simple to rack and analyze, making it easy to evaluate the success rate of the campaign. Many email service providers enable you to track activity down to individual recipient level, so you can see what a named individual has done on receipt of your email, and follow up accordingly.

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